Thursday, June 14, 2012

Re: [The Manzo Reality Tour] Somebody reported me. A few jealous haters can...

Art Smith - What's going on...
Edward Johnson 4:42am Jun 14
Art Smith - What's going on in Moscow these days? You commie prick!
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Art Smith
Art Smith4:06pm Jun 11
<<doesn't like seat belts
Norm Brown
Norm Brown8:52pm Jun 10
And a muzzle.
Samantha Manzo
Samantha Manzo8:51pm Jun 10
Shouldn't she be wearing a seat belt?
Roger Farrish
Roger Farrish6:41pm Jun 10
John Okum
John Okum6:38pm Jun 10
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Connie Simpson
Connie Simpson8:42am Jun 5
Somebody reported me. A few jealous haters can ruin things for everybody.....

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