Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Re: [Forrest Sherman High School, Naples, Italy] FSHS class of '73

Bobbi Seals
Nancy Simmons Kelly 9:03pm Jun 13
Bobbi Seals
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Cindy Montagnaro McEachern
Cindy Montagnaro McEachern2:08pm Jun 13
Christy Hoffman ..Lisa detonnecourt..Ricky Cotton
Kevin Fetzer
Kevin Fetzer2:06pm Jun 13
Tom Blythe, Greg Vidal, Mike Murphy
Cindy Montagnaro McEachern
Cindy Montagnaro McEachern12:59pm Jun 13
i tried to tag my sister helen but it wouldnt let me...said i didnt have permission to do so...
James Dillon
James Dillon8:23pm Jun 12
We need some serious tagging here..
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Joyce Jones
Joyce Jones8:03pm Jan 28

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