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Fw: Re: FSHSWACD October 2009 Updates:  Word File RE-SENT

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Re-sending FSHSWACD Word file...

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Greetings, All!
Trying to catch up.  As promised, Pat Carter Bryant (FSHS68) and I have updated the Excel and Word files (respectively) and will send on to all in separate emails.   Feel free to send this -- and today's FSHSGRAM, as well -- on to others.
Next update will be in January 2010. If you're already in the FSHSWACD but need changes made, please send to me.  If you're not in and wannabe, please fill out as much or as little data...
FSHS Wildcats Alumni Contacts Database Notional Record/Data Fields
Name: (First, Middle, Last or Last/Maiden and Last/Married, or Last/Divorced, "Nickname")
Title:  (JD, PhD, Miss, MD, II, Jr., etc...FSHS Teacher/Administrator/Parent...)
Napoli:  (the actual years you lived in Napoli)
Where in Napoli:  (where you lived...Via Manzoni, Via Petracca, Parco Azurro, Arco Felice...)
FSHS Class:  (graduation year, whether you graduated from FSHS or not)
High School Graduated:  (FSHS or other HS)
Email Address 1:
Email Address 2:
Snailmail Street/POB Address:
Snailmail Street/POB Address:
Phone(s):  (Home / Work / Cell)
Comments: (brief mention of anything particularly important to you about your Napoli/FSHS experience...)

...and return to me.  I'll work with Pat to make it happen.
Va bene?
Your Friendly FSHSWACD/FSHSGRAM Editorial Staff

Fwd: FSHSGRAM 21 Nov AND 9 Nov 09

Ciao Tutti!

Apparently, AOL fouled up my sending the 9 November FSHSGRAM -- a corrupted mail list -- so I'm resending today with a couple of updates.   I'll also resend separately the October 09 updates to the FSHSWACD.

Speaking of Wildcats Wringing in the Anno Nuovo 2010!

For the last eight or nine or ten years, we've been getting together on the first Saturday after New Years at a
ristorante italiano in the Washington/Baltimore area.  We've had as few as 14 and as many as 76 Wildcats and Wildcats Wannabes attend -- most local but a few from as far away as California.

2 January 2010, we've made arrangements at the Cucina Vivace trattoria e enoteca in Arlington/Crystal City, VA.  I've dined there, and the food and ambiance are squisito!


If we can get 25 commitments, they will close the
ristorante for us.  Gordon Vivace, the owner and chef, says he can accommodate as many a 40, but that would be a tight fit.

Cindi Christenson (long-suffering wife of Eric Christenson FSHS 66) and I will work with Gordon to come up with a fixed-price menu in the $55-$65 per person (exclusive of
vino, birra and liquori) range.  We'll send that out next FSHSGRAM.

For those who might be coming in from out of town, there are several hotels and motels within walking distance. 

I'll need to have checks in hand and total count by 15 December...not too much time!  More to come.

Frank Fahy (FSHS 68) sends this update (see the 9 November FSHSGRAM, below) on Karen Fahy O'Neille (FSHS 69):

A recent IRISH TIMES article featured Karen's efforts to help rebuild the earthquake-damaged area east of Roma.  So far,
Karen's benefit brought in 3,680 euro which will go to a health center serving 17 small villages in the mountains outside L'Aquila.

Mary Brown Ulrich (FSHS 70) sends this alert about a particularly vicious virus or two:

Emails with pictures of Osama Bin-Laden hanged are being sent and the moment that you open these emails your computer will crash and you will not be able to fix it!  So, If you get an e-mail along the lines of "Osama Bin Laden Captured" or "Osama Hanged," don't open the Attachment!  Also, beware of any email that has an attached file called "Invitation."  It contains a virus that opens with an Olympic torch and the proceeds to "burn" your hard drive.

That's about it for today.  I'll send out more info on the  dining out at
Cucina Vivace, but plan on being there, 7PM-closing, Saturday, 2 January 2010.

Be well...

Scott T FSHS 68