Saturday, December 26, 2009

FSHSGRAM 26Dec09 - Felice Anno Nuovo!

Greetings Wildcats!

Felice Anno Nuovo, Tutti!

As the old year passes away, my best wishes for the best that 2010 will hold for us all...our families and friends...and indeed the nation.  Far too many loved ones left us this past year, but they will forever be in our hearts....

And, I greatly appreciate the several Christmas cards and emails regarding these occasional FSHSGRAMs and the quarterly FSHSWACD (more on FSHSWACD, below...) efforts. 

Last Call for Cucina Vivace:
Wildcats Wring in the Anno Nuovo, 2 January

To remind:  we're getting together on the first Saturday after New Years at the
Cucina Vivace Trattoria e Enoteca in Arlington/Crystal City, VA:  www.cucinavivace.comFixed-price menu for $65/person (food, non-alcoholic beverages, tips and taxes).  We have 17 Wildcats, spouses and friends signed up, and about three or four more sitting on the fence...but even more can be accommodated.  I'll need to get a final count to the ristorante by 30 December.  Please let me know if you and yours can attend.  I need checks by 31 December; send to:  Scott Truver, 281 Wilderness Road, Severna Park, MD 21146-2124.


A "Walking Tour" of Napoli Memories

This time of year is all about looking back as we look forward.  So, it's great that
Charlie Ross (FSHS 68 / sent this note and pics...

Scott - Dave Aders, FSHS 68 or 69 (not sure), lead guitar and Jimi Hendrix wannabe in one of the school bands but now a "respectable" AA airline captain, went back to Napoli this past summer and took some great pictures of our old 1965-68 hangouts.  He sent them to me in a Christmas card on a CD.  I thought you might to share with the other Napolitani.  The pictures show things and places that aren't on the average tour guide's itinerary, but they definitely have a special place in many FSHS hearts:

Pizzeria hangout on Via Manzoni owned by Raphael

Luigi's pinball and foosball joint (next door to the Pizzeria)

The park across Via Manzoni from the Pizzeria

FSHS building on Via Manzoni, now closed and condemned

The Bussola nightclub (wow, many good memories there)

The Chalet Bar on Via Petrarca (ahh...memories of Birra Peroni and sweet summer breezes)

The "cove" where we used to go swimming, just down the cliff from Parco Remembrance

And, finally, an old Fiat Cinquecento

Tante Grazie, Charlie...Dave...yep...many fond memories...especially the low wall opposite La Bussola....

More on Piper Club

Last FSHSGRAM I included a pic of the famed Piper club in Roma (I have many I think I can recall...) that Ugo Skubikowski FSHS 67 sent.  Bob Clack (FSHS 67 / sends this augmentation from Google Earth:

To which Ugo noted that they had changed the original sign from when he visited in September.

Speaking of the FSHSWACD...

Pat Carter Bryant (FSHS 68 / and I are gearing up for the January 2010 update of the FSHS Wildcats Alumni Contacts Database.  If you're in the FSHSWACD but want to make changes to your file, please send to me.  If you're not in but wannabe, please fill out as much or as little info as you'd like...

FSHS Wildcats Alumni Contacts Database Notional Record/Data Fields

Name: (First, Middle, Last or Last/Maiden and Last/Married, or Last/Divorced, "Nickname")
Title:  (JD, PhD, Miss, MD, II, Jr., etc...FSHS Teacher/Administrator/Parent...)
Napoli:  (the actual years you lived in Napoli)
Where in Napoli:  (where you lived...Via Manzoni, Via Petracca, Parco Azurro, Arco Felice...)
FSHS Class:  (graduation year, whether you graduated from FSHS or not)
High School Graduated:  (FSHS or other HS)
Email Address 1:
Email Address 2:
Snailmail Street/POB Address:
Snailmail City/State/Zip Address:
Phone(s):  (Home / Work / Cell)
Comments: (brief mention of anything particularly important to you about your Napoli/FSHS experience...)

...and send to me.  I'll make sure it gets in.