Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Re: [The Manzo Reality Tour] It was so good to see Tina this weekend! It had...

Yes, that little scottish kilt wearing skipjack.
Troopleader McHenry 5:23pm Jun 6
Yes, that little scottish kilt wearing skipjack.
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Fiesty Andy
Fiesty Andy5:22pm Jun 6
lol, did u really just tell someone they were 'snotty' ? lol
Troopleader McHenry
Troopleader McHenry5:20pm Jun 6
Michael Emjay Stafford - You might be the only fking fruitcake on here that is worse than this Jersey Shore reject Lou. When I'm done with him I'll give you a good tune up. You snotty little bastard.
Michael Emjay Stafford
Michael Emjay Stafford3:18pm Jun 6
No, I don't think I will. I think I'll put on my Xbox headset and play my friend at FIFA. He's a real friend who I actually know and not just someone I added on facebook. You go and check your tan doesn't need topping up sweetheart your inflated ego is nothing without it's orange encasement.
Lou Mancione
Lou Mancione3:15pm Jun 6
Go put on your skirt & dance around u fairy scottish fag no one's talking to u!
Michael Emjay Stafford
Michael Emjay Stafford3:11pm Jun 6
I don't understand why you are famous, Lou??? Is it because you have so much fake tan on you are visible from space??? You remind me of the movie 'Night at the Roxbury!' hahaha or Zoolander. 'Oooooh photo op!!! *BLUE STEEL*' The celebrity life must not be too fruitful if all you do is sit on facebook all day self-promoting. I've been bowling tonight and then to the cinema and me just a regular guy. You have self-tanned, facebooked, matt-clayed your hair, facebooked, took out the matt-clay because it didn't look gay enough and applied wet look gel, facebooked, applied self-tan and then facebooked. Dizzying success you have.
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Connie Simpson
Connie Simpson4:13am Jun 5
It was so good to see Tina this weekend! It had been almost six months!

Is she in this group Samantha?

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