Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Re: [The Manzo Reality Tour] I would like to apologize to Domenic Vitanza from...

Someone has a guilty conscience. It's Dick...
Ritchie Gozina 6:21pm Jun 6
Someone has a guilty conscience. It's Dick Goes In Ya. Get it right FUCKTARD!!!
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Edward Johnson
Edward Johnson6:17pm Jun 6
Take a hike Gazinta. You fucking clown.
Ritchie Gozina
Ritchie Gozina5:27pm Jun 6
Connie, Lovely Nipples, Smile & Eyes. As for the rest of you fucktards, TY so very much for this evenings entertainment. Proof that some people should just never fucking breed... XO Sammy Jo;)
Stephen Samuel Santoro II
Stephen Samuel Santoro II2:22pm Jun 6
Agreed Murray. Time to "clean him off". Kind of like "I have a rock in my shoe".
Lou Mancione
Lou Mancione2:17pm Jun 6
No I cant say I do Troopleader McRetard.
Troopleader McHenry
Troopleader McHenry2:08pm Jun 6
Do you know about the figure four leglock Lou Mancione. You greasy prick.
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Connie Simpson
Connie Simpson7:23am May 30
I would like to apologize to Domenic Vitanza from the bottom of my heart. Dom - If you can see this, I never meant to insult you. I was just playing around but I went overboard and I'm so so sorry.

Please somebody pass this message on to Dom.

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