Saturday, June 9, 2012

Re: [The Manzo Reality Tour] I would like to apologize to Domenic Vitanza from...

Im back Johnson u fkn...
Lou Mancione 9:35am Jun 9
Im back Johnson u fkn HOMO!
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Edward Johnson
Edward Johnson8:13am Jun 8
Ritchie Gozina got it inhim.
Ritchie Gozina
Ritchie Gozina9:01am Jun 7
Charlie Chow-Mein
Charlie Chow-Mein7:38am Jun 7
Ritchie Godzinga was an original member of N-Sink. Then he got kicked out and his band stuck their pepperonis inya. Ha Ha, Charlie Chow-Mein!
Edward Johnson
Edward Johnson3:01am Jun 7
Get a haircut Ritchie Gonzaga. You look like a fucking idiot. No wonder the band fired you.
Ritchie Gozina
Ritchie Gozina7:48pm Jun 6
2 for 2 in the MRT Fucktard Spelling Bee. Congratulations boys/
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Connie Simpson
Connie Simpson7:23am May 30
I would like to apologize to Domenic Vitanza from the bottom of my heart. Dom - If you can see this, I never meant to insult you. I was just playing around but I went overboard and I'm so so sorry.

Please somebody pass this message on to Dom.

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