Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Re: [FSHS] This is what's happening in my home right now...

Still not travel allowed in St. Louis County,...
Tom Ross 8:24pm Jun 20
Still not travel allowed in St. Louis County, so I can't get to my house. No idea what's happened to our house... over 10 inches of rain. Now the Dan bridge is about to go.
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Linda Bradbury
Linda Bradbury1:11pm Jun 20
REO~~~~ RIDIN' the STORM OUT !!!! ;-)
Linda Bradbury
Linda Bradbury1:10pm Jun 20
You sound like your singin' the Annie Lennox song~ "Here comes the rain again". CCR works too! "Have you ever seen the rAiN" & "Who'll stop the RaIn"? I'm an expert now on "RAIN" songs. Trust me. LOL
Tom Ross
Tom Ross12:47pm Jun 20
Miigwech, nimise...
Norva Haskins
Norva Haskins12:38pm Jun 20
O am so sorry I put your info on my page get more people to pray and pay attention.... Hugs you all are in our prayers
Tom Ross
Tom Ross12:37pm Jun 20 (video from around Duluth) I wish it looked like that in Brookston.
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Tom Ross
Tom Ross7:04am Jun 20
This is what's happening in my home right now
Duluth, MN Flood 6-20-12_2.AVI
Duluth, MN Flood 6-20-12; Miller Creek. Usually a small creek. You can hear boulders (which used to ...

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