Friday, June 29, 2012

Re: [FSHS] I got no idea who you people are. You went to...

All my exes live in Texas!
Deb Joslin 7:53pm Jun 29
All my exes live in Texas!
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James Dillon
James Dillon6:16pm Jun 29
Hi Ed, I don't think so, what year did you go to FSHS?
James Dillon
James Dillon6:12pm Jun 29
I'm just saying, most of the people I knew are very private or are flying under the radar, so really shouldn't name names. But they might be lurking. Shhh!
Ed Rogers
Ed Rogers12:09pm Jun 29
Lisa Lang? Am I remembering right?
Ed Rogers
Ed Rogers12:08pm Jun 29
James, we did know each other back in the day amirite?
James Dillon
James Dillon11:31am Jun 29
And Tracy, I am not being negative, just realistic. Plus I hate Texas weather. Too damn hot!
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James Dillon
James Dillon11:40pm Jun 8
I got no idea who you people are. You went to school where I went to school. I only had 5 or 6 good friends. I ignored everyone else. Why should I fly to Austin or where ever to see people I never meet or knew? Ughh.

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