Friday, June 29, 2012


My sister had an Alfa Romeo, hard top, in...
Bekki Rowland Kibby 9:11pm Jun 29
My sister had an Alfa Romeo, hard top, in Naples, loved riding in it!!!! I remember she took me & the Baxter twins to Rome for one of our basketball games....we flew!!!!!! I had a 1968 Karman Ghia, hard top, for a few yrs....loved that car!!! My brother still has his...
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James Dillon
James Dillon6:10pm Jun 29
4 cyl with dual overhead cams, was a kick in the pants.
Margo Alexander
Margo Alexander2:34pm Jun 29
how many cylinders?
Linda Bradbury
Linda Bradbury9:06am Jun 29
Vroom Vroom !!
James Dillon
James Dillon8:30am Jun 29
My dad brought one of those back to Florida, where it sat for years. I towed it to California from Houston years later.
Cindy Montagnaro McEachern
Cindy Montagnaro McEachern7:30am Jun 29
ahahahahah i guess i was !!!!! That car would have been perfect for you babe !!!!
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George Petersen
George Petersen11:45pm Jun 28
Instead of getting one of those all so trendy new Fiat 500s, try something like this, which would be a lot more fun and a whole lot cheaper: I found this totally restored 1966 Alfa Romeo Spider. Yeah, it's only a two seater (and the 500 is "supposedly" a 4-seater (assuming your back seat passengers are less than two years old), but this sucker rocks and I'm sure it's a lot more fun to drive. Anyway, here's the link in case you're in a shopping mood:

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