Monday, August 27, 2012

Re: [FSHS] Enter to win free trip to the Amalfi Coast !

We can smuggle snuggle you back in !! lol SHHH ;-)
Linda Bradbury 12:35pm Aug 27
We can smuggle snuggle you back in !! lol SHHH ;-)
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James Dillon
James Dillon12:23pm Aug 27
they won't let me back, said I was a bad boy.
Linda Bradbury
Linda Bradbury12:11pm Aug 27
8/27/12 ans. 7 = HELLO NY WE'VE ARRIVED. Note* there is a glitch on this one. On the page that has "ARRIVED" in CAPS also has "TRAVEL" in CAPS too but does NOT belong as part of the Secret Phrase. Notified FIAT by msg. "TRAVEL" is NOT part of todays clue. I wonder if they will correct/rectify it? lol ;-)
Linda Bradbury
Linda Bradbury7:41pm Aug 23
8/23/12 ans. 6 = Made With Passion And Creativity. Next 8/27/12 Mon. Someone's gotta win !
Linda Bradbury
Linda Bradbury10:58am Aug 20
8/20/12 ans 5 = Travel Just Got More Exciting. Next 8/23/12 Thurs. Cannot win unless you try. Come on , enter ! ;-)
Linda Bradbury
Linda Bradbury10:21am Aug 16
8/16/12 ans. 4= Fiat Has Come To Party. Next 8/20/12 Mon. Hey ! Ya neva know !!
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