Saturday, August 4, 2012

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My Honda Elite 150 is my backup bike.
Tom Ross 9:53pm Aug 4
My Honda Elite 150 is my backup bike.
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Mary Werner Willson
Mary Werner Willson5:12pm Aug 4
I had a very used red 50cc in Naples and rode it everywhere (Lago di Patria, Carney Park and in some amazing back road places). Memoriable events include 1). getting a flat tire on a back road and having two young italian guys rescue Lisa Ringhausen and me and 2). having to remove the spark plug and tap it on the ground to get a better connection and start it. Loved the gears and kick start. I've had an automatic Honda Elite 150 (also red) since 1980. It only has 1700 miles on it and I love driving it around our neighborhood and beach.
Norva Haskins
Norva Haskins9:34pm Aug 1
Would not help inn these mountains but my Dad and I had one and we would ride tip the base every morning me too work at the hospital on the hill and Dad at NSA.... Wow where did they go, sniff sniff
Carolyn Davenport-Johnson
Carolyn Davenport-Johnson5:19pm Aug 1
I want one so freaking bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
James Dillon
James Dillon6:01pm Jul 20
Bobby DeBruyn had one of these in Naples, I got to ride it all over. Fun!
Cindy Montagnaro McEachern
Cindy Montagnaro McEachern5:30pm Jul 20
ooohhhh hahahahahaha well nice to meet ya
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Bill Sherrill
Bill Sherrill7:59am Jul 20
Can't post a picture with a reply to someone else's post - so here's a shot of Cherry -

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