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Do you remember that stupid Coke machine in...
David Julio Edwards 6:40pm Jul 22
Do you remember that stupid Coke machine in the hall near the deli, it was near the pool room. I think Coke's were L.50 back in the early 1960's.
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David Julio Edwards
David Julio Edwards6:37pm Jul 22
Ritchie and Bob Vitto's dad (Pete) worked for the Panorama for a long time (probably around 1960-late 70's?). He has the original photo plates from when John F Kennedy visited Naples, and he had his photo taken with JFK. Pete lives in Phoenix these days. Ritchie passed away about a year ago. Bob lives in Fla.
Joy Montagnaro
Joy Montagnaro12:25pm Jul 22
I worked for the Panorama. Me and Debbie Ciccoli. My mom still packed me a lunch everyday and when she didn't, I would meet my dad for lunch!
Kevin Fetzer
Kevin Fetzer12:16pm Jul 22
David, Yes, that was the best sandwich in the world. I had one everytime I went into that bldg. My dad worked up stairs at DET4, so I was there a lot.
David Julio Edwards
David Julio Edwards11:22am Jul 22
Most memorable smell: AFSouth building that had the Panorama office in it had a deli that had the best ham and cheese sandwiches on an Italian roll for L.150. Had a nice light mustard, wrapped in wax paper. To die for.
Nila DuBose
Nila DuBose1:20am Jul 14
The smell of the basketball court where my brother Bob Kemp, Bill Sprinkle, Roscoe Toles, Teddy G. Would dribble that ball back and forth and squeak those shoes ! The smell of the Rec field and after making the long secret solo trek from my home to shoe alley to smell and hold the bags of leather sandals I would buy for 2$ each!! Lupini beans on the street , oh my gosh I'm crazy with smells. Mostly the smell of coming home after school and the smell of my Mamma's pasta sauce!!
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George Petersen
George Petersen2:43pm May 30
We all have certain scents we remember — or can't forget, ranging from the aroma of a crowded streetcar in the summer, the fish market at Mergellina, to pizzas cooking in wood ovens, to piles of street litter during garbage strikes, or the strong smell of coffee roasting (not sure exactly from where) along via Roma. Another I recall is the distinct scent of 4711 cologne worn by men and women. What scents bring up memories for you?

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