Saturday, July 14, 2012


The smell of the basketball court where my...
Nila DuBose 1:20am Jul 14
The smell of the basketball court where my brother Bob Kemp, Bill Sprinkle, Roscoe Toles, Teddy G. Would dribble that ball back and forth and squeak those shoes ! The smell of the Rec field and after making the long secret solo trek from my home to shoe alley to smell and hold the bags of leather sandals I would buy for 2$ each!! Lupini beans on the street , oh my gosh I'm crazy with smells. Mostly the smell of coming home after school and the smell of my Mamma's pasta sauce!!
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Liz Wallis
Liz Wallis4:14pm Jul 13
The fiat tire donuts!
Cheryl Liby Sudol
Cheryl Liby Sudol2:51pm Jul 13
Sugar donuts
Donna Porter-Mutschler
Donna Porter-Mutschler11:45am Jul 13
Transport in the middle of summer...
Donna Porter-Mutschler
Donna Porter-Mutschler11:43am Jul 13
I just spoke about this scent and riding the public trains
Nancy Simmons Kelly
Nancy Simmons Kelly7:02pm Jul 8
I used to have a small bottle...seems to have been lost over the years.
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George Petersen
George Petersen2:43pm May 30
We all have certain scents we remember — or can't forget, ranging from the aroma of a crowded streetcar in the summer, the fish market at Mergellina, to pizzas cooking in wood ovens, to piles of street litter during garbage strikes, or the strong smell of coffee roasting (not sure exactly from where) along via Roma. Another I recall is the distinct scent of 4711 cologne worn by men and women. What scents bring up memories for you?

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