Sunday, July 8, 2012


I still have a bottle of this stuff!
Karen Sheets Moody 6:09pm Jul 8
I still have a bottle of this stuff!
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George Petersen
George Petersen9:06pm Jun 2
Gelato al cioccolato!
Mark Garrow
Mark Garrow6:47pm Jun 2
Fresh rain on cobblestone
Tim Flick
Tim Flick8:03pm Jun 1
yes, I have looked for "agree" and had no luck. The smell of chlorine reminds me of working at Afsouth big pool. Many good memories there.
Kellie Janulis Hibbard
Kellie Janulis Hibbard5:29pm Jun 1
I used to pick tomatoes and peaches with my best friend, Cira Orselli, on her father's farm....whenever I smell tomato plants, I think of her and Naples.
Mary Werner Willson
Mary Werner Willson5:10pm Jun 1
Walking down a path on Capri...the scent of the lemon trees made me stop and take the sight all in!
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George Petersen
George Petersen2:43pm May 30
We all have certain scents we remember — or can't forget, ranging from the aroma of a crowded streetcar in the summer, the fish market at Mergellina, to pizzas cooking in wood ovens, to piles of street litter during garbage strikes, or the strong smell of coffee roasting (not sure exactly from where) along via Roma. Another I recall is the distinct scent of 4711 cologne worn by men and women. What scents bring up memories for you?

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