Monday, July 9, 2012

Re: [FSHS] Me waiting for our game to start standing outside...

Ron Peoples = coach ?
Linda Bradbury 3:30pm Jul 9
Ron Peoples = coach ?
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Joanne McCollum Nagurny
Joanne McCollum Nagurny1:14pm Jul 9
@Dana--Thanks for the coaches names--it has been bugging me for years to remember. But I didn't seem to forget the marine "songs" they taught us!
Dana Plant
Dana Plant8:41am Jul 9
Murph, Sully & Charlie... fun coaches
Dava Romaniello
Dava Romaniello8:37am Jul 9
I was on the Black Widows and still have my Allstar patch! :)
Linda Bradbury
Linda Bradbury6:24pm Jul 8
PRO DANA ! Softball CONS YES ! = Green shirt. Mixed up w/ recreational Basketball at AfSouth where we had lt. blue uniforms. The Prather twins and 2 NORTE's, Anita & Yvonne were on that team w/ thu Turkish girl SULA maybe. Mr. Norte was our coach. Lets hope I have this one correct. LOL
Dana Plant
Dana Plant5:40pm Jul 8
we weren't "Cyclones" we were "Cons"--just sayin' Maybe green jersey was cyclones--I remember cons wearing blue and then remember we were "black widows" when we played allstars...
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Annie O'Brien
Annie O'Brien7:25pm May 14
Me waiting for our game to start standing outside our Citro├źn in Carney Park.

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