Sunday, July 15, 2012

Re: [Forrest Sherman High School, Naples, Italy] Hey are their any wildcat's that Tweet? @tomeross

I tweet. Alot. Damn IBS.
Matt Woodall 10:04am Jul 15
I tweet. Alot. Damn IBS.
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Tom Ross
Tom Ross9:20am Jul 15
Funky twitter isn't like facebook, it's a whole different kind of communication... It also has more non-mainstream information. alot of things you would never see on FB. A lot of activism... etc.
James Dillon
James Dillon8:58pm Jul 14
I have a twitter account, but I hardly ever check it. FB is enough of a time sink.
Tom Ross
Tom Ross8:45pm Jul 14
Just followed you janet.
Janet Bartlett-Fones
Janet Bartlett-Fones8:24pm Jul 14
Me!!! @jfones!
Mel Andrews
Mel Andrews6:20pm May 11
Hey Tom, I followed you back! :)
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Tom Ross
Tom Ross10:46am May 11
Hey are their any wildcat's that Tweet? @tomeross

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