Monday, June 25, 2012

Re: [The Manzo Reality Tour] What a day!

Sammy, you two are so damn distracting with...
Jim Cindrich 10:20pm Jun 25
Sammy, you two are so damn distracting with the way you look, it is difficult to notice things like that. You both are very fortunate to be blessed with such incredible beauty. Somebody loves you upstairs!!!!!
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Sammy  JoJo
Sammy JoJo10:16pm Jun 25
Oh yeah... nice smile... i hadnt noticed that jim i was fixated on the gigantic tits.
Jim Cindrich
Jim Cindrich10:10pm Jun 25
Connie, that is a beautiful smile--genuine--I am glad you are happy!!!!!
Joseph R Zayas
Joseph R Zayas9:26pm Jun 25
Jacques Sheetsghost
Jacques Sheetsghost8:54pm Jun 25
Inbox me another titty pic, I accidentally deleted the last one
Joe Krech
Joe Krech8:32pm Jun 25
Damn Connie looking almost as stunning as Sam
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Connie Simpson
Connie Simpson6:54pm Jun 25
What a day!

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