Sunday, June 10, 2012

Re: [The Manzo Reality Tour] Somebody reported me. A few jealous haters can...

rut roh
Willie Manzo Moo 10:02am Jun 10
rut roh
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Robert Foo-Young
Robert Foo-Young9:54am Jun 10
Darren Aldrow - I think it is time for you to go fk yourself boy.
Darryl Aldrow
Darryl Aldrow9:22am Jun 10
Hey Boy molester McDufus, whats a matta ya haven't had your boy's cock quota for the day? You sound real scarey to maybe someone like maybe 8 yrs old cause thats how you like them don't you you Pedo!!! Thats probably where you like'm on thin ice!!! Oooo I'm fuckin scared Pedo!!!!
Samantha Manzo
Samantha Manzo6:43am Jun 10
<<<<<< grab this WMM
Willie Manzo Moo
Willie Manzo Moo6:37am Jun 10
^^^ im with her (grabbing some coke zero)
Samantha Manzo
Samantha Manzo6:31am Jun 10
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Connie Simpson
Connie Simpson8:42am Jun 5
Somebody reported me. A few jealous haters can ruin things for everybody.....

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