Saturday, June 9, 2012

Re: [The Manzo Reality Tour] I don't think there is a real man involved in...

^^^That's MY man!
Sammy Jo Manzo 8:01pm Jun 9
^^^That's MY man!
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Michael Del Tufo
Michael Del Tufo8:00pm Jun 9
there's one trust me!!!!
Jellie-Flava Bean Brown
Jellie-Flava Bean Brown7:57pm Jun 9
You da man Saraceno
Michael Saraceno
Michael Saraceno7:38am Jun 5
but this is saracenoville.
Billy Ralph Neely
Billy Ralph Neely5:39am Jun 5
The only real men are in the Classic movies....they always rescue the fair maiden.....and do the right thing !!!
Morena Junior Maepa
Morena Junior Maepa2:43am Jun 5
I wud luv 2 bt no
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Angelena Strangalogali
Angelena Strangalogali6:48pm May 23
I don't think there is a real man involved in this group.

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