Thursday, June 14, 2012

Re: [The Manzo Reality Tour] I don't think there is a real man involved in...

Who is this woman with zee white headband?...
Monsieur-Pierre De-Gualle La-Fontaine 5:40pm Jun 14
Who is this woman with zee white headband? Very ugly lady, must be an Italian-American.
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Christopher Bolling-Georgoff
Christopher Bolling-Georgoff5:28pm Jun 14
μπορεί να σας φαλλού στραφούν σε πάγο σε μια ζεστή καλοκαιρινή μέρα στην Αθήνα! Lou Mancione
Lou Mancione
Lou Mancione4:40pm Jun 14
Speak English & put a goddamn shirt on Christopher Bolling-Jerkoff.
Christopher Bolling-Georgoff
Christopher Bolling-Georgoff8:49am Jun 14
ναι, αλλά πιστεύω πως μπορούμε να σκοτώσει τους Τούρκους!
Samantha Manzo
Samantha Manzo6:12am Jun 14
& you are a fucking douchebag Edward Johnson
Edward Johnson
Edward Johnson4:45am Jun 14
Thanks Michael Saraceno. You are a real man.
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Angelena Strangalogali
Angelena Strangalogali6:48pm May 23
I don't think there is a real man involved in this group.

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