Thursday, June 21, 2012

Re: [FSHS] This is what's happening in my home right now...

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Tom Ross
Tom Ross10:50am Jun 21
This is the miller hill mall area where the traffic is usually constant.
Tom Ross
Tom Ross10:42am Jun 21
Well the water is flowing over the dam at about 25000 feet per second and the sun is out, it's a new day, I'm thinking that has to be worth a positive outlook. No roads open yet.... Maybe I can get to the house tomorrow if it doesn't rain
Norva Haskins
Norva Haskins4:32am Jun 21
Good morning, thank God you are safe!
Tom Ross
Tom Ross11:01pm Jun 20
Good night my friends.
Tom Ross
Tom Ross11:01pm Jun 20
We are all safe and doing well TY... It's been a busy day and I'm headed to bed now I'll be up at 4:45 to get back on task... It's official that we had more than 10 inches all over and they are calling this a once in 500 year storm...I wonder who was here 500 years ago that found a good place to leave an account of the storm back then with pictures. We (the Ojibwe) used to store information on Birchbark scrolls and save it for 50 years dig it up read it to the people, copy it on to new scrolls and bury it again for another generation... But I never heard of a 500 year flood cycle... somebody must know something.
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Tom Ross
Tom Ross7:04am Jun 20
This is what's happening in my home right now
Duluth, MN Flood 6-20-12_2.AVI
Duluth, MN Flood 6-20-12; Miller Creek. Usually a small creek. You can hear boulders (which used to ...

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