Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Re: [FSHS] This is what's happening in my home right now...

Sorry to see this. I love Duluth. Lived in...
Stefanie Cox 8:51am Jun 20
Sorry to see this. I love Duluth. Lived in Dalbo, MN for 12 years (near Cambridge and Princeton). We went up north of Finland every year for canoe camping. Heaven...
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Linda Bradbury
Linda Bradbury8:47am Jun 20
__/\__ ! for both. Ironic that one puts out the other. TX. was experiencing their longest drought when Hurricane Flash Flood Irene 8/28/11 wrecked havoc on the East Coast especially here in NY. States "Catskill Mtns" where I live. My ♥ reaches out to each of you. Tom, I have experienced this 1st hand. HUNKER DOWN !
David Beresford
David Beresford8:35am Jun 20
Try and stay calm ! You can't fight water and win !
Doreen Liebenow Glotzer
Doreen Liebenow Glotzer8:17am Jun 20
May we have a little in the Rocky Mountains please for our fires?
Bekki Rowland Kibby
Bekki Rowland Kibby7:53am Jun 20
Please be safe Tom.......
James Dillon
James Dillon7:48am Jun 20
Watch out for log jams. Take care up there, Tom.
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Tom Ross
Tom Ross7:04am Jun 20
This is what's happening in my home right now
Duluth, MN Flood 6-20-12_2.AVI
Duluth, MN Flood 6-20-12; Miller Creek. Usually a small creek. You can hear boulders (which used to ...

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