Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Re: [FSHS] This is what's happening in my home right now...

I am guessing this is your place at Fon du...
Nancy Simmons Kelly 11:59am Jun 20
I am guessing this is your place at Fon du Lac, not in Plymouth, right? I am so sorry, Tom. :(
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Linda Bradbury
Linda Bradbury11:50am Jun 20
TOM ! GET OUT NOW !!! NOW !!! IF YOU CAN OR ARE ABLE !!!! Your posts are giving me the " heebie jeebies " !!! I went thru this during Hurr. Flash Flood Irene 8/28/11 here in the Catskill Mtns. NY. State. Keep up the posts tho! Believe it or not I am very interested & intrigued. The force of the H2O is immeasurable !!! I had my Living Rm. wall blown/crashed out & the Front Door blew open. Both my porches ripped right off, My car & my van were swimming in my backyard. My shed is non-existent ! I had boulders that weighed over 400lbs apiece end up on the property. Volcano Crater like holes 10by15' wide in 3 sections. The driveway was uprooted. We had steel Bridges floating down the river, Farmers roundish white hay bales weighing 800lbs each bobbing down the stream like they were BIG Marshmallows! Houses were physically destroyed & scattered amongst the roads. Some of the Riverbanks even changed direction as a cause of the FORCE ! I almost even lost my own life had it not been for that 2by4 I was able to hang on to for dear life for 2 1/2 hours. GO !! BROTHER , TAKE YOUR FAMILY & YOUR ♥'d ONES ! THAT IS ALL YOU NEED ! Your Possessions are just "THINGS" !!!!
James Dillon
James Dillon11:45am Jun 20
No, cars don't float very well. I hope you have some insurance or a plan"b".
Tom Ross
Tom Ross11:25am Jun 20
OK, the power is off, the freezer is full... I can't even get close to it... if I could get close to it, I'd find out if my boat is floating I noticed cars don't
Tom Ross
Tom Ross11:23am Jun 20
This is what the flood does when it meets a hill...
Kevin Fetzer
Kevin Fetzer10:04am Jun 20
Wow, that's powerful. Hang in there Tom.
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Tom Ross
Tom Ross7:04am Jun 20
This is what's happening in my home right now
Duluth, MN Flood 6-20-12_2.AVI
Duluth, MN Flood 6-20-12; Miller Creek. Usually a small creek. You can hear boulders (which used to ...

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