Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Re: [FSHS] This is what's happening in my home right now...

Please be safe Tom.......
Bekki Rowland Kibby 7:53am Jun 20
Please be safe Tom.......
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James Dillon
James Dillon7:48am Jun 20
Watch out for log jams. Take care up there, Tom.
Tom Ross
Tom Ross
Tom Ross7:20am Jun 20
I think we are all just confused as to what to do... My neighbor called the red cross in hopes we could sandbag with them and there was no answer... I'm kind of pacing like a caged animal... I can't even get near my house right now.
Norva Haskins
Norva Haskins7:14am Jun 20
I am so sorry brings tears to my eyes and my heart. I will keep praying.
Nancy Simmons Kelly
Nancy Simmons Kelly7:10am Jun 20
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Tom Ross
Tom Ross7:04am Jun 20
This is what's happening in my home right now
Duluth, MN Flood 6-20-12_2.AVI
Duluth, MN Flood 6-20-12; Miller Creek. Usually a small creek. You can hear boulders (which used to ...

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