Friday, June 15, 2012

Re: [FSHS] I think this touches upon a very overlooked topic...

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I struggle with this EVERYTIME. This year...
Sherri Lewis Bevan 9:42am Jun 15
I struggle with this EVERYTIME. This year marks the first time I have lived somewhere longer than 4 years and even though my heels are itching to move on, I think I am sticking!
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Page Holbrook
Page Holbrook8:54am Jun 15
I just ask where are they from, and I probably lived there...I am from everywhere
Victor L. Kemp
Victor L. Kemp8:45am Jun 15
I've even used this one, "Depends on where my feet hit the ground this morning!".
Louann Cartee Sandel
Louann Cartee Sandel8:40am Jun 15
I hem haw around and finally say I was born in SC, been back in SC for 40 years, so yeah I guess SC is my home, BUT I was a military kid and lived all over. Then they say "Oh, I see." But they don't really see or get it unless they were military kids too...
Bekki Rowland Kibby
Bekki Rowland Kibby8:04am Jun 15
I say 'sunny Fla.', but my real home is Naples, Italy...
Brian Pavelko
Brian Pavelko6:50am Jun 15
I am from the alpha Centauri system just visiting this planet.
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James Dillon
James Dillon4:33am Jun 15
I think this touches upon a very overlooked topic upon Military brats: Where is Home? When someone asks you " Where are you from?" what do you tell them? Everywhere.

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