Saturday, June 9, 2012

Re: [FSHS] I got no idea who you people are. You went to...

Debbie Strickland Hill commented on your post in FSHS.
It's about not just the people but reliving...
Debbie Strickland Hill 10:06am Jun 9
It's about not just the people but reliving the whole Naples experience! Teen club. The beach Humpty Carney Park no matter what the year. You're missing a great time in San Antonio!!!
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Philip Roy
Philip Roy9:51am Jun 9
Louann - spot on!
James Dillon
James Dillon7:52am Jun 9
OI. I really am a recluse in my golden years. I need to get out more and socialize.
Kevin Fetzer
Kevin Fetzer7:38am Jun 9
Amen Sistah!
Louann Cartee Sandel
Louann Cartee Sandel4:05am Jun 9
Fortunately for me, I regained all those who were my previous good friends, and in the process gained new ones and now they are more like my sisters and brothers - which is a good thing since I've already lost my parents and most of my relatives! Try it, you'll like it :)
Steve Pope
Steve Pope1:10am Jun 9
How can one have "good friends" when we were all such buggers?
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James Dillon
James Dillon11:40pm Jun 8
I got no idea who you people are. You went to school where I went to school. I only had 5 or 6 good friends. I ignored everyone else. Why should I fly to Austin or where ever to see people I never meet or knew? Ughh.

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