Thursday, June 14, 2012

Re: [Forrest Sherman High School, Naples, Italy] FSHS class of '72

Your hindsight is 20/20. lol
Linda Bradbury 11:31am Jun 14
Your hindsight is 20/20. lol
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Tom Ross
Tom Ross10:47am Jun 14
I remember the day this pic was taken, I was sitting outside eating a sandwich with Steve Anderson and Wayne Garini and it was a beautiful day and we were at peace in ourselves and you guys were just being yourselves, about 2 wks later Karl got on the teenclub bus with patches over his eyes because he slept in his contacts and his eyes were all scratched up... Good times, Funky, Great Oldies.
Cindy Montagnaro McEachern
Cindy Montagnaro McEachern12:56pm Jun 13
gary I thought iof that line too as soon as i saw the picture lol
Nancy Simmons Kelly
Nancy Simmons Kelly10:16am Jun 13
LOL I was jus tgoing to ask if that was you in the middle, Funky! :)
Linda Bradbury
Linda Bradbury6:22am Jun 13
just passin' thru !
Gary Barnes
Gary Barnes6:02am Jun 13
Keep on truckin...
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